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Algoma Steel is on a transformation journey. Building a new era in steel by investing in our people and processes and optimizing to embrace a more sustainable future. We believe our strategy will strengthen Algoma Steel’s competitive position, enhance our profitability, and deliver long-lasting value for our customers, our employees, and our shareholders.


Premier Canadian steel producer, ranked among the top flat steel producers in North America led by a seasoned management team with extensive industry experience.
  • Algoma’s advanced Direct Strip Production Complex, North America’s only thin slab caster with direct hot rolling capability that is coupled with a BOF melt shop.  Goes from liquid steel to exceptional quality hot rolled coils in about 30 minutes, using 60% less energy than a conventional mill at a significant cost advantage.

  • Canada’s only discrete Plate Mill, coupled with a Heat-Treated Plate facility that produces a complete range of high-quality plate products, including abrasion-resistant, ballistic, and other specialty plate applications.

  • Rich 120-year tradition of steelmaking excellence in Canada.

Geographically advantaged with flexible low-cost operations, and a high-value product offering that serves blue-chip customers in attractive end markets.
  • Product width and strength flexibility positions Algoma to serve a loyal and diverse customer base across North America in multiple end markets.

  • Strategically located at the hub of the Great Lakes and the nexus of Interstate 75 and the Trans-Canada Highway, provides for multimodal transportation of inbound and outbound materials by rail, truck, or vessel.

Transformation journey continues with an opportunity to enhance profitability throughout the cycle and reduce Algoma’s environmental footprint through the proposed transition to electric arc steelmaking.

  • 70% CO2 reduction potential (~3mm tonnes per annum)

  • Platform for growth through a proposed increase in annual production output from 2.8 million tons to 3.7 million tons

  • Opportunity to secure a competitive advantage as the leading producer of green steel in Canada, and among the top suppliers in North America.

The transformation journey includes:

  • Direct Strip Production Complex process control upgrade

  • Second Ladle Metallurgy Furnace

  • Plate Mill modernization
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